Whatever happened to…

Good day my fellow travelers.

Am I too naïve to believe that these attributes are necessary for human peace and growth or too jaded to think that they are gone forever?

Do unto others as you would have done unto you

Respect for the rule of law

Respect for human life

Respect for heritage and culture

A man’s/woman’s word is his/her bond

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people

You make that face again and it will stay that way

Sitting with the family (not the TV) at the dinner table

Night time prayers

Journalists who report the news without bias or color

Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir, No Ma’am, No Sir

May I (usually followed by Please)

Gratitude for breath, life, love, friends


The American work ethic: Work hard, persevere, be creative


Research and thinking for yourself

Swing sets and Teeter-Totters

Holding the door for the next person

Saying “Good Morning” to the stranger on the street

Comedy without racism, vulgarity or stereotyping

Listening with intent to understand

Creating space where everyone is valued

So, what do you think? What brings peace to your life? Can we get back to respect, honor and self-confidence?

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