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That’s one small step…

A plan without action is but a pipe dream

Good journey my fellow travelers!

I hope this blog finds you well and happy.

And, welcome to this blog. We are dedicated to providing information, camaraderie, and inspiration. This site is open to making all who join us feel safe as we explore our shared adventures, hobbies, concerns and what makes us happy.

As the name implies, we are all on this trip around the sun together. Yeah, like we have a choice? Even the folks up in the ISS are enjoying the trip.

You may discuss, train, inform, gripe, announce, pronounce, denounce, alliterate, ruminate, collaborate or simply communicate anything that comes to mind. I only ask that there be:

  • Mutual respect
  • No profanity
  • All our opinions matter. Discuss them with intelligence not emotion.

And, if you have something negative to say about someone…Do not use their name or place of work! How would you like to be embarrassed that way?

In short, we are here to escape the negative vagaries of our real world. We are here to inform and support each other as we move through time and space.

So, let us get going….

Graphic courtesy of creative commons

Even the longest journey begins with one small step. It could be the length of a lifetime or 586 million miles (one trip around the sun). You can measure it in seconds, minutes, hours, days or 36 million miles per day.

It all boils down to deciding to take that first step…and then actually doing it. Hence, for me – my new video business and this blog.

The choices we make steer us along the path. We either deal with the consequences of our decisions or bask in the glow of the accomplishments wrought by them.

In my short 68 trips around the sun, I have made a few decisions. Some ended up good, some not so good (like: Hay ya’ll watch this….). But all of them gave me something to grow on.

How we react to the events that result from those decisions is what defines both our character and the next steps in the journey.

If the result is negative, we may choose to simply let it wash over us, consume us, or knock us off course. Or we can choose to see it as a learning event and change our path, maybe for the better.

Photo courtesy of creative commons

Like Thomas Edison, he found hundreds of ways to not make a lightbulb. He may have been discouraged at times, but he kept at it for years. He was driven to find a path to light.

Edison did not stop there to rest on his laurels. He went on to discover many new bumps in the road (failures) and new paths to fame and glory (inventions we take for granted). He has gone down in history as one of the greatest inventors of all time.

Remember having a failure does not make you a failure unless you give up!

According to Jeff Walker (another of my heroes): “You do not need to be perfect. You need to be in motion.”  Keep in mind that if you decide not to decide, then you have still made the decision to stay where you are. The rest of us will wish you well and pass you by.

So here are some action items:

  1. Make a daily plan
  2. Get moving on that plan … take baby steps
  3. Get rid of negatives (people, events, things) that steal your dream
  4. Listen to champions who come with experience
  5. Course-correct as needed
  6. Celebrate your wins!

Those who say it cannot be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it. (modified quote from G.B. Shaw, one of my greatest heroes)

Let’s go out and make a difference!

Feel free to comment on this one or start your own conversation.

Be safe and be kind.


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