A Brief Look at Human Communication

Hello, my fellow orbital travelers.

Does it seem to you that human communication has come full circle?

What I mean is this:

Remember back about 200,000 years ago when we all sat around the fire in the cave ng our stories in grunts and growls? Then Thaag, our self-appointed local news reporter, drew those drawings on the cave wall of Argg and his team attacking the bison and mammoths with their spears and torches? (Too bad about that incident with the sabretooth tiger. Such a bad thing to happen to such a good guy like Argg).

The pictures told the story. They were, and still are, timeless and universal. All you have to do is look at them and understand the message, even in 2019 AD. Native Americans still honor their history in lore and ancestral story telling.

From then on humans advanced language and split it up in to some 6,500 various languages, including digital text-speak.

As speech progressed so did our ability to replicate the spoken word with machines (Gutenberg, 1439). Then came electronic transmission (Samuel Morse, 1843) and wireless (Marconi, 1898). We kept getting news faster and transmitting it farther around the world. And today, some would say “farther from the truth”. But I won’t digress to my own opinion…. I’m not judging…..

Anyway, now we have combined the telephone with the computer and added a camera. We can flash messages and pictures around the world in seconds. But, we still have the annoying problem regarding language translations. However, humans being (no pun intended) what they are, have come up with a universal solution: emojis!  At first, we typed them out: semi-colon + dash+ closed parentheses 😉 had an exact meaning. But you had to understand the English construct to get to the meaning. So, the long hand evolved into the familiar pictogram: usually a round face with a recognizable expression or a group of icons that form a mentally accepted picture referring to an activity.

Our “new” universal language only took 200,000 years to get back to.  From painting with manual digits to digital painting. Thaag and his mom would be so proud!

Or for those of us over 40….

Good bye, Good Luck and Safe Travels

Bonus 5 points: see if you can translate this famous Red Skelton closing phrase:

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Welcome to our shared journey around the sun!

My beautiful wife created this page for me. I can use this to “rant”. I use the term rant loosely since it seems to have a negative connotation. I believe a rant can also be positive, collaborative and at least a way to bring out discussion.

So, since this is my page I hope to bring in some rules:

  1. Anyone may comment any time and as often as you wish.
  2. I, personally do not condone abusive language, rants that support criminal intent, or shouting to get your point across.
  3. Threats and intolerance of any kind will not be tolerated.
  4. You are an adult…so act like one
  5. No stress…..No worries
  6. Most of all – enjoy the dialog, express your opinions, keep an open mind and learn from your fellow travelers.

Our journey began when we were conceived. We will spend only a certain number of years voyaging around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour and spinning on its axis at 1042 miles per hour (at the equator). And yet is seems, in many ways that we are not moving forward at all.

We live in the most technologically advanced society in all of human history. No where at any time or any place have so many lived with the advantages that we have earned. And yet we are mired by prejudice, greed, intolerance and a myriad of other negative human traits.

Personally, I choose to believe that most human beings are basically good. Most of us are simply trying to work through our day. Yes, we jealously protect that which is “ours”, be it human, pet or object. I choose to believe that humans are not prone to predatory behavior.  Instead it is a learned behavior. Predators are pushed into that behavior through insecurity, want, lack of belonging, lack of goals and self-created opportunities. Folks find a way to provide for themselves and for some it becomes formed habit, for good or evil.

Having enjoyed a near-death experience, I understand better than most what I perceive to be on the other side of this reality. I do believe in a higher power that I refer to as “God”. I believe in the ten rules for life, the singular commandment: to simply love one another, and the benefits of working to be a “good human being”.  If we all lived by the American morals of hard work, protecting and nurturing each other, quiet contemplation and reflecting to make our world better, then how can evil persist?

I may not be the brightest bulb in the garden, but I believe I know what is right and the path to my reward is simply living a good and respectful life. I enjoy helping others and being a good steward of my world.

How about you?

I’ll write again on the next leg of our trip…..